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Repair & Maintenance

  • Damage / Replace of Flooring tiles / External Granite / Granite for sills, steps etc.
  • Damage of External tiles if available
  • Scratches or damages on laminate panels
  • Damages or repainting of external cladding
  • Damages of false ceiling
  • Cracking of Glass Door
  • Cracking of Fixed Glass
  • Replacement of fused Tube light, Bulbs & other electrical item
  • Cabling for all additional Raw / UPS Power Points
  • Problem related to Fascia wiring
  • Cabling problem for Telephone lines
  • Cracking of Poster Frames as well tightening / changing studs / screws of the Poster frames
  • Damages of Information Kiosk
  • Malfunctioning of Telephone instrument
  • Damages for stainless steel plate fixed to Information kiosk
  • Damages / replacement of Door Handles
  • Replacement / refixing of Brochure Dispenser
  • Replacement of Soft board / white board whenever required
  • Changes of all stickers
  • Cabling problem
  • Replacement of Foot mat
  • Replacement of security guard chair
  • Water Proofing work
  • Air Conditioner

Maintenance Service Definition :

  • If any material / part needs to be replaced it would be paid as per the rate approved by Management Team at DHL Corporate office, Mumbai
    Checking of all exposed surfaces for cracks, leakages, damages i.e. walls (External / Internal), false ceiling, partitions).
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